Thursday, September 17, 2009

Grease Barbies

These are cute as hell. For those of you Barbie collectors from back in the day, the younger generation got a Barbie's baby sister Kelly (1995) and Tommy. Now they're in my adult hands, in full Sandy and Danny regalia at that. I will continue to bitch about what a craptastic purchase this was, even though I just found them on a site for $29.99 and I only paid $8 at Big Lots on a whim. As the Immaterial Girl always says, if they are useless to me, they are worth $0 and belong in the hall of shame with the bowl of balls and camo hat, but first an open break up letter to the pair:

Dear Kelly and Tommy, I lost all control. It appears I better shape up. It hurts me to say this, but "you're not the one that I want." To my heart I must be true--Oooh oooh oooh.

$8 Grease Barbies = Bargain bin edition of Grease the movie (dancing is freeeeee!)


  1. Ohh yikes. If you were in the market for a pair of dolls you should have headed on over to (click archives, the little red hand on the sign and then exclusives)I'm sure you've seen them. You can get couples like (perhaps a gift for your upcoming event) :ahem: Bride and groom better known as Died and Doom
    If that doesn't fill your need how about...
    Edgar Allen Poe and Annabell Lee?
    Nosferatu and victim?
    Sinister Minister and bad Habit?

    I hope you're not Catholic after that last one cause I'm pretty sure I'll be banned from your blog. LOL